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Lirik Lagu Zico – Artist

Lirik Lagu "Artist" dari Zico. Lagu ini ada di Album: Television 2nd Mini Album yang didistribusikan oleh label Seven Seasons Entertainment. Berikut cuplikan teks lagunya " …".
Lirik Lagu Artist

Lirik Lagu Zico – Artist


Artist: Zico (지코) of (Block B)
Released: July 12, 2017
English Title: Artist
Genre: K-pop
Label/Distributor: Seven Seasons Entertainment
Album: Television 2nd Mini Album

“Artist” is a track recorded by South Korean rapper Zico (지코) of (Block B). It was released on July 12, 2017 by Seven Seasons Entertainment.
Zico (지코) – Artist Lyrics




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